The tale of a family,

    Our beloved shoes and jackets are the result of three generations of Mexican heritage, My grandfather Jose Rocha-Velero and my father Jose-Luis Rocha-Uribe are both accomplished business men in the leather and manufacturing business. We have learned the craft from generations of cobblers that brought the trade to our city in the middle of Mexico from Italy and Spain, we create every piece of our collections with the outmost respect for tradition. 

    We are the best kept secret in Mexico and we can compete in both quality and design with any brand in the world. My sons are a very important part in the creation of these first collections and hopefuly will carry the family tradition for generations to come.

    For some people a pair of J.L. Rocha shoes is just another set of expensive footwear. But the man wearing them -the stylish Man- will walk a little taller knowing that they are very special indeed.

    Our extraordinary shoes, made from ordinary animals, are created using only calf skins; smooth and shiny with a soft and durable finish. Calf is the most versatile of leathers due to its strength and flexibility. A well kept pair of calfskin shoes can last for as long as 50 years.

    Our beautifully crafted jackets; made only of the finest lamb skins, are the perfect complement to our shoe collection, both our brands are created under the same guidelines and standards of design, quality and respect for our craft.       


"J.L. Rocha , 100 Years of Tradition"