Hand-made in Mexico,

and proud of our heritage. That’s why we aim to conserve our handmade techniques and the integrity of our products. That’s why we make less 100 of each style. Over 400 years of history have gotten us to this moment, and it’s individuals like you that have kept us here.

When you buy a J.L. Rocha leather jacket, footwear, or travel accessory, you become part of a small group of people who have an item that was made by hand, from the tanning the leather to the construction, and mailed directly to your door.

We believe in respect for the individual and integrity of exclusivity. Be unique, and join the J.L. Rocha Family today.

Frequently Asked questions:

Q: Why do you only make a few of each item?

A: Our artisans are people just like you, we don’t use machinery or order prefabricated leather dyes, all of our product from start to finish is a handmade, laborious process that takes time and effort. In an attempt to circumvent fast fashion, and provide artisans with the respect they deserve as well as truly livable wages and work quotas: we create less than 100 of each handmade item at a time.

Q: Will (Sample Style) be available in my size again?

A: Unfortunately, just like in life: no moment is ever the same. In the same sense, our products never get remade the same way. If an item returns in a similar style, there will always be certain details that will be changed throughout the style.

Q: Are your products high quality?

A: Yes, all of our handmade garments are made from ethically sourced American or Italian leather skins. Each skin is treated with respect and consideration and is of the highest quality whichever animal it comes from.

Q: What size is right for me?

A: There’s absolutely no way we could know exactly which size is right for you. As such, we hope you pay close attention to our size guides to find the right size for you.

Q: Do you wholesale your product?

A: While we do not wholesale our product, we can always create a limited capsule collection exclusively for your boutique or store. Contact support@joseluisrocha.com for more information.

Q: Can you custom make an item for me?

A: Although all of our items our handmade, leather has to be made in the quantity that the animal provides through the life it gives for our art piece. Creating a one of a kind item creates more pollution and is an unethical ecological practice, therefore we do not create custom made items in sets of 1. We do however create custom orders in select styles and colors of stock leather with a minimum order of 12 pairs of shoes in the same style [roughly a $5,000 charge excluding shipping fees]. To inquire about a custom order email support@joseluisrocha.com