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Ad Business Group LLC 
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2295 Paseo de las Américas
Suite 22
San Diego CA

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2295 Paseo de las Americas Suite 22
San Diego, CA. 92154

(619) 616-2528

The Best Hand Made Shoes and Leather Jackets from Mexico. Each of our pieces are original designs made by expert cobblers with the utmost respect for tradition. 



JL Rocha


Do you remember when your were a child and all you needed to become a super hero was a towel tied to your neck? Maybe you are from a younger generation, but I am sure there was a lightsaber from Star Wars that when worn with the right "cape" made you invincible.

Leather jackets, over any other garment, have that power. When you get into one, you immediately remember that motorcycle you used to ride or the one you haven't riden just yet, you can feel the air in your hair and your girlfriends arms around your waist.


It may very well be the piece of your wardrobe that will propel you into the Grammy winning music career you crave. The tours, waking up in a different city every day where your band-mates are your brothers and the next city is the promise land. Playing for  one-thousand or just one-hundred and the special connection with the blonde at bar that you know is totally into you....


Or perhaps you go back to that ranch that you use to spend every summer working with your family horses, the grass was so crispy and you could swear your horse knew  what you were thinking before you did. You know what they say: "there is not better thing for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse".


Whether you are wearing one of our leather jackets or someone else's, I truly hope that your dreams are still intact, maybe now that you are older and wiser you should go for it, it's never too late.