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2295 Paseo de las Américas
Suite 22
San Diego CA

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2295 Paseo de las Americas Suite 22
San Diego, CA. 92154

(619) 616-2528

The Best Hand Made Shoes and Leather Jackets from Mexico. Each of our pieces are original designs made by expert cobblers with the utmost respect for tradition. 


Man over machine

JL Rocha

In this era of instant gratification it is important to remember that good things come to those who wait. In this case, handmade will always be better than machine made. By all means, go to  Payless Shoes and get those plastic wing tips that will make you look exactly like a Payless kind of man. However, if your thing is natural calf skin, which is patiently tanned, cut, and stretched by an expert cobbler then there is nothing like handmade


That super expensive brand-name pair that you got for $ 750.00 are shoes of the highest quality and design and I have many in my closet, but they are not handmade. That same shoe is in thousands of men's closets around the world and is mass produced to fill demand.
That is not what we do here at JL Rocha. We produce one pair at a time with the techniques passed on from generation to generation.

When you purchase a pair of our shoes, you can rest assured it was made by the hands of expert cobblers who are few and far between these days. These artists spend their day respecting the tradition learned from their fathers and I assure you they are a proud group of individuals that don't settle for anything less than the most honest pair of handmade JL Rocha shoes.