A matter of taste.

In my interactions with designers, store owners and shoppers, there is always a debate concerning what style is. I am always enlightened about designs and trends by the latest fashion week in Milan or NY and what people in Europe are wearing.

Depending on who I am talking to, I am told that trends originate in the classic cities: New York, Paris, & Milan. While others will be more “modern” and will state that Korea is the new fashion destination.

For us at JL Rocha, it is just a matter of taste. No matter what you are in the market for: a new car, a new house, or a new pair of shoes you need to make a decision made on taste. Hopefully your own.

Many times I see people be influenced by media, magazines and movies. It always makes me smile and wonder how much celebrities are paid to wear things no one in their right mind would be wearing; but it makes me sad when I see a “hipster” with a ridiculous outfit just because someone was wearing it in a German magazine.

I remember a great lesson from my grandfather: I must have been 21 years old at a family gathering. All my cousins and friends were “big” scotch drinkers and we were debating about the best scotch in the world.

One of us asked our grandfather, who was himself drinking:  “Hey Gramps please tell us what the best scotch in the world is so we can finish this conversation”.  "So you want to know which is the best scotch in the world?" he said.  "YES!" We all yelled.  "The best scotch is this", he said while raising his glass. "But which one is it?", we all asked. With a smile in his face he said:  "Mine! The one I am drinking, the one I like!"

The lesson is, don’t let anyone teach you what taste is, you have it, one that is uniquely your own! It is okay to read, watch, and try different things but at the end of the day it is all a matter of taste, YOUR TASTE