Fast fashion is bad fashion

The phrase "fast fashion" is now part of our every day speech. From corporate offices to schools, everyone talks about it or knows about it.

Fast fashion is great business, the owners of brands such as H&M, Zara, etc., are among the richest persons in the world. However, that doesn't mean that is good business for the rest of us.

The loose description for "Fast Fashion" is: styles and designs from runways to stores in the fastest possible time at the cheapest cost.

The reality of this business practice is that the value of the pieces are so low due to the lack of quality materials and, most disturbingly, sweatshops.

This is a reality that is not new, many mainstream brands have had this problem before but always blame the supply chain stating that they had no control over who makes the clothes once they submit orders to a reputable factory over seas.

We invite you to be responsible when you shop. These practices are still alive because of us. The more we purchase from these companies the bigger they get and the more our planet suffers, since almost everything in the making of the garments or shoes is synthetic (plastic,rubber and such) the pollution factor is very high and the sustainability is not there.

Buy locally made products if you can or buy from countries and companies with high standards of quality and moral/social responsibility, choose quality over price and never let a trend be better than common sense 

JL RochaComment