There is no doubt that the most elegant of shoes are those with brogues. Those intricately designed little holes normally found in the toe and around the shoe have the power to make shoes a work of art.

It is amazing and comforting to me that a detail so small can trigger our sense of style. Amazingly they have been trending for centuries and comforting because this means we men appreciate the beauty of pure craftsmanship

These "holes" were created in the 1800's by a couple of shepherds in Ireland, invented out of pure necessity as they needed to get air flow through their shoes to make their feet more dry and comfortable. Just like that the brogue was born.


Nowadays there are machines that make these brogues, normally used in factories where time is money and the cobbler is no longer needed or appreciated. 

I truly believe that in order to wear my shoes with pride they have to be handmade and only natural materials should be used. Remember: "sneakers are for boys and shoes are for men" but a true gentlemen will only wear handmade shoes -make sure those brogues were made by hand as well. Next time you wear those wing tips or oxfords you love so much think about that cobbler that spend his time and passion making each and every hole in your shoe, now that is attention to detail and respect for tradition.