In a couple of weeks we will celebrate our first year of operations in the USA; A Mexican man with a dream and with the deepest desire to change the minds of the people that think Mexico is only Tequila and drug cartels and the dream that the people in this country, the best educated and savvy people will take a like in my products.

I have many stories I could share with you about this adventure and I will in the future, as of now, I just want to tell you that I encountered many challenges and disappointments, I spent double the money we set aside for this venture and we had to work twice as hard as I anticipated, but one thing remains most valuable to me: PEOPLE. Along this journey I have met with a great team working alongside me, from the factory workers to the designers, photographers, page creators, models, truck drivers, sales staff, customer service, store clerks and everyone in between.

We are proud of our work. We walk every step with YOU in mind, we want to earn your business but most importantly we want to earn your RESPECT, the respect that will only be granted if we bring you the craftsmanship, quality and product you need. Let me assure you that we will work even harder until that happens as it is a TRADITION in our family.

Here is to our first of many years, but mostly here is to PEOPLE, FAMILY, LOVE, RESPECT & TRADITION, the best is yet to come.

J.L. Rocha