Artisan or factory worker?

There are some confusing similarities between a cobbler and a factory worker. A factory worker is a person that performs on a production line keeping production goals and schedules as a priority. For these factories the bottom line is very important since they need to deliver thousands, if not millions, of pairs around the world. This can not be done without the latest in technology and relying a 100% on a automated process. Most of the "big" brands fall into this category for obvious reasons.

A cobbler is an artisan that relies only on his hands and his tools, this artist can only do a few pairs a day since the "limitations" of his craft only allows for a few handmade pairs to be created. That is who we are, that is our DNA. Don't take me wrong, we admire the big names of the shoe industry and we know the factory workers are a vital part of their process to make shoes in an effeciant way and we have no doubt those workers make a good product but we wouldn't be handmade if we relied solely in machines and we wouldnot be able to create (rather than produce) a genuine, honest handmade pair of shoes. We invite you to visit our site and try a pair, we know you will feel the difference.