So many choices, so little time.

It is amazing the combinations that can be applied to shoe design. Some very classic designs can be boring and outdated, yet on the other hand some designers simply implement shock value to create crazy things that only very few people can pull off..

We firmly believe there is room within these styles to make shoes that respect the tradition in construction without compromising the quality and uniqueness of their original creation.

This is our take and philosophy for our Fall/Winter 2015 collection, we use mixed media with only the finest suede and calf skins, our soles are always cowhide and we keep intact the elegance of the Oxford, Wingtip, and Double Monk design.

We also believe that quality is not necessary proportional  to price, our deepest commitment is to stay true in our pursuit to get you the best product at the best price, pure and simple. Thanks to social media, the people are in charge! No longer do we have to wear what television commercials or magazine ads dictate.We, the consumer, rely on the comments of other people or blogger reviews before making a decision to purchase anything. We know there is a long road ahead to become a brand organically, but we are here for the long run. As my grandfather taught me: "never let go of your dream"

To make a little comical point to our statement we recently took a picture at a fashion showcase with the opposite message. We are not famous...YET

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