Always Trust Your Barber


A restored appreciation for good old-fashioned grooming is trending across the U.S. 

In San Diego, CA, wooden floors, brick walls and beautiful vintage barber chairs set the tone at Mister Brown's on University avenue. ( More than just a barbershop, this fine establishment is an experience. You are personally welcomed by Lee, the shop's owner, and immediately feel at home. While waiting, you can sit on a leather sofa and watch the game on a flat screen television, have a drink, or shoot some pool. Sometimes I wish my appointment was an hour later. The barbers are professionals that take care of you and guide you in your cut. After 10 minutes of talking to Travis, one of the barbers at Mister Brown's,  I would trust him with the keys to my house. That is how good they all are.

Being well-groomed and well-dressed is essential to being a gentleman. We should aspire to become the best version of ourselves no matter our social status, car, or occupation.

Classic cuts and clean shaves are always in fashion and so are our classic designs that have stood the test of time to become even more iconic thanks to the updates and our takes in every style we design and manufacture by hand respecting the tradition of hundred years of cobblers.

Now that Father's Day is upon us let's be the men that our fathers raised us to be. Let's be honest, loyal and always pay our debts After all, he is the classiest man we know.