Summer Scarves


Guys often frown upon wearing scarves in the summer, some don't like to or know how to wear them at all.  Scarves are often viewed as a winter accessory only used for functionality. However, scarves in the summer can really transform your whole look.

When it comes to the summertime, lightweight scarves are made from finer materials and are designed to not absorb heat. Therefore they don’t hold a great deal of functionality, but they do indeed carry a lot of compliments to your outfits. They can add a dash of colour where needed, a darker toned scarf can be used to neutralise brighter colours, and trends can be established through printed scarves or textures of the scarf. They’re extremely versatile, and are a great addition to your wardrobe.

Ways To Wear Summer Scarves

As mentioned, summer scarves is extremely versatile. They add colour or neutralize color and it can be worn in multiple ways. If you’re looking for more of a casual, relaxed yet elegant approach, layer the light weight scarf underneath a linen blazer. Drape it across your shoulders but underneath the blazer, showing a hint of the scarf’s pattern peaking through the blazers lapels. It can also be worn over the blazer, or over a shirt, draping loosely over your shoulders to create a relaxed yet elegant feel. This is perfect if you’re aiming to show off a bit of chest. Other ways to wear the scarf are loose knots again highlighting a relaxed aspect to a look, or tighter knots and tucking in the draping effect of the scarf creating more of a tailored, tighter finish. 

We have added 9 beautiful cotton-linen handmade scarves to our accessories collection, we choose elegant colors, classic lines and our hand embroidered logo.