Many times we are reminded to "live in the moment" or that we should "be ourselves", seems to me that there is a belief that reading quotes on Facebook or Instagram somehow will make your life better.

No doubt,  a positive attitude will make it easy to navigate every day challenges. However, nothing happens if an honest effort isn't made.

We can't expect our troubles will go away just because "worry less, dream more" showed up in our iPhone! That will only make you stay in bed longer and be late to your job, appointment or date.

That is not what been yourself is about, we at JL Rocha believe that the real secret is not to" be ourselves" but the best version of ourselves! This is easy and fun if you try it:

1. Be nice to your fellow man 
2. Smile to the people that passes you on the street 
3. Play with a pet
4. Be generous with your money but more with your time

Obviously we are in the business of designing and manufacturing shoes and jackets, we are far from life coaches or philosophical gurus, but just try our approach, we can't promise your problems will go away but we assure you that you will go home with a spring in your feet. Now talking about feet, they will look great in our shoes!