When we hear the word "classic" we normally associate it with an old thing, a 1964 Mustang, a song by Frank Sinatra or classic Coca Cola comes to mind. But what makes a classic a classic? 

We believe that a classic is an object of beauty with a design so well conceived and created that it endures the passing of time. An object thats beauty is so powerful that you can't help but love it.

In our men's boutique in Coronado, CA we have a "classic" a 1956 Yamaha Y-2 and many people come into the store only to see it or to have a picture taken.


In this case our definition of a classic goes far beyond, this motorcycle has been in the Rocha family for almost 50 Years. It was the first Yamaha ever in Mexico, and came to our Family by accident. A Japanese engineer came to Mexico to build the telecommunication building, he befriended my grandfather and since he did not want to make the trip back to Japan with his motorcycle in the boat he sold it to Mr. Rocha

After that my father rode it and even transported his family on it. The bike was forgotten for some years and then we brought it to California and restored it back to its glory and now belongs to the youngest Rocha, we hope he keeps it in the family.

This story is relevant because is important that you make your own classics, find that object that is so beautiful that you need to have it, treasure it, and pass it on. Whether is a watch, a car or a leather jacket. Make generations to come proud of your heritage, after all you never known a more classy guy than your own father.