The Details


The Details:

Small Magic: not a term we hear to often. We ask ourselves, what happens when a child sees the world? What beguiles them to the curiosity of everything? What encourages their discovery of the interaction they hold with the world? When did we lose it? Everyday a mass of blazing gas passes over our heads to trade places with an asteroid suspended on a path, we turn on small chemical reactors with metal keys or push to start buttons to get to work, we place our fingers on surfaces and manifest the work of what used to be only fantasy. These instances make us forget the beauty that comes from the smaller, more subtle works of wizardry. 

Whenever you wake up, you're given an opportunity once again to answer the question: "Who do I want to be today?" The process begins with your closet. Your skin transfers tactile knowledge to your brain for the warm coffee you brewed to combat the bite of morning cold on your cheeks and exhaustion. You face your closet. Hanging therein are many blazers and shirts, many pairs of pants that hover over shoes, and something else: something that speaks to you. Leather relates to us. We are hunters who need armor to work, we are heroes whose children need to see our capes, we are people who need to live the way we feel. 

So in this there is small magic: transformative power generated from a heritage of craftsmanship. Handmade luxury unique to the hands that made it: sewing each thread, checking each stitch, making something wondrous. From us here at J.L. Rocha - as you start the holiday season, we humbly ask that you look for these moments. We ask you to put on your jackets, feeling sparks in your hand as you move it through the sleeves, feeling the invincibility of your body enveloped in warmth and care, feel the small magic. Take this small magic with you, help others to see the world for the little things: the people who make you smile, the copy machine that's always reliable, the jacket that was made by hand. And always believe and remember: the magic, is in the details.  

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- J.L. Rocha

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