J.L. Rocha Holiday Style Guide.

As the season moves forward, we want to plan ahead for these cold winter nights. We here at J.L. Rocha want to give you the right inspiration for the chilly season. Check out our top five outfits for the winter, in our Holiday Style Guide

1. The Forester 

A rugged man till the end with some soft elegance. Our olive green suede Moto Jacket matches up perfectly with our chocolate Suede Chelsea Wingtips, especially when you wear some khaki corduroys and a light grey flannel. Warm, tough, and still soft to the touch, keeping you warm with gorgeous earth tones. 


2. The Hot Chocolate 

What is the winter season without Hot Chocolate? Take some inspiration from everyones favorite cold drink by matching a whip cream colored sweater with our chocolate brown Noel Asymmetrical Jacket and our Suede Loafers with blue stitching. Top it off with your most comfortable pair of acid washed denim and you're relaxing in fashion. 


3. The Urban Santa 

For some it's the Jolly season, why not get inspired by the winter spirit in your favorite red outfit. Find your favorite patterned cardigan to match up with a pair of burgundy pants. Toss it together with a black turtleneck underneath our mixed media asymmetrical Moto Jacket and the grass lace up oxfords and you've got some real holiday cheer. 


4. The Vacationer

With so many people traveling this holiday season, everyone wants to be comfortable. Luckily, we have the right outfit. Get yourself a patterned pair of joggers and match them with a heather grey pullover. Keep your feet comfy in the luxurious grey tassel loafer and keep yourself covered with our hooded lambskin jacket. The perfect way to travel in style and comfort

5. The Christmas Dinner 

It gets cold when you have to go from family party to family party. Stay together with a clean pair of khaki chinos and match them with your most comfortable cable knit camel colored sweater. Layer over it with our rustic brown trench coat, and top it off with our tobacco grasso ankle boots. You'll be ready for anything, and comfortable doing it. 


And those are our top picks for the right holiday outfits this season! Remember that the holiday season is about celebrating togetherness, kindness, and heritage. From everyone at J.L. Rocha collections, we hope that you enjoy the season and stay warm! Don't forget to subscribe for more great holiday blog posts, updates, and one of a kind content! 

Stay tuned, 

J.L. Rocha


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