The Best Mens Dress Shoes for fourth of july

There’s always a barbecue to reach and a great time to be had when celebrating the Fourth of July, but you can’t skip on the right summer style. The range of activities from a family outing at a park to lounging on a yacht in the marina of a coastal beach makes picking the right dress shoes a challenging decision. All of our handmade dress shoes can weather a variety of events and memories bringing a touch of elegance and versatility, but we wanted to narrow down the list to help you pick the right dress shoes for your Fourth of July style. Inspired by major cities in the USA, here’s our list for the best shoes to wear on Fourth of July.

#1 Wear Loafers in Las Vegas

When you see this list of things to do on Fourth of July in Las Vegas, you’ll see that there are so many parties to go to, you can swing by the pool, a show, a club and still catch fireworks at many gorgeous locations. While we assume you’re drinking responsibly we know that getting around and staying comfortable is your top priority, so we picked our 9502 Suede Tassel Loafer as the best pick for a Las Vegas Style move. We recommend wearing them with some white shorts and white linen shirt for a sure fire method to beat the heat. If you’re headed to a pool party, spray them down with a suede protecting spray.

#2 Double Monk the Huston Experience

There’s so much to do in Houston that without a doubt any time you travel there you should be prepared. Any outfit can keep you strapped in on your Fourth of July when paired with the 9037 Rustico Double Monk. You can visit the museum, go to a concert, hit the boardwalk or a barbecue and still be comfortable and secure moving throughout your day in the right men’s Double Monk. We recommend going with a pair of blue jeans, a relaxed white cotton button up and a khaki blazer to keep things light and comfortable on your Independence Day off. These rustic leather men’s Double monks are handmade to keep you comfortable and stylish throughout your travels and your celebrations.

#3 Combat Boots to fight Los Angeles Traffic

Our company headquarters is in California and we wanted to make sure to include the best things to do in Los Angeles on Fourth of July. But we also know there’s a lot of traffic, a lot of walking, and a big need for mobility when you’re making your way through the city of angels. We handcrafted our Marquez combat boot to be prepared for any occasion and keep you secure throughout your day. Wear your Marquez boots in walnut with a pair of grey chinos and a light denim chambray to keep you cool and stylish throughout the day. Don’t forget some sunscreen and a pair of stylish shades for the day.

There you have it folks, we compiled some of our top picks for your Fourth of July weekend not just in style but in location and occasion. Remember that Fourth of July is to commemorate the independence of America and honor the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: we make all of our products thankful that we can share in this special time. J.L. Rocha Collections wants to be right there with you to celebrate your Fourth of July weekend, and encourages responsible actions, and always hopes you stay one of a kind. If you’re planing on wearing a different outfit on Fourth of July, check out our entire dress shoe selection below.