Gifts for dads to show appreciation

Fathers Day is a holiday that we should commemorate year round, just like Mother’s Day, the gift should last.

This Father’s Day, we decided to change our minds about the way that we show appreciation. After all, J.L. Rocha is a Family Business operated by a father and son, we try to appreciate each other actively throughout our lives to continue to work hard at creating lasting products. We pondered the nature of holidays and how we’re grateful that there’s a day to commemorate someone for something special such as a holiday. However, in the midst of this season, while we created our Artisan Collection we realized that the gifts we love the most are the ones that not only love but also the ones that remind us of the unique relationship we have with the person who gives you the gift. Time we agreed was the most precious gift, and since our products are made to be timeless, we hope you enjoy our list of gifts to show your appreciation year round, not just Father’s Day.

#1 A trip with family.


A Family Vacation, isn’t just for Father’s Day.

There is usually no big family outing without dad, he usually packs the car and helps organize everyone, handles talking to the taxi or Uber driver, and generally sponsors the whole vacation. We know that time with the family far from work is a great way to become closer, so why not take your dad on a trip to a unique setting. We will always recommend México as a fantastic travel destination, however there are other great ways to take your father out locally or abroad. There’s no trip without the right suitcase, and for the modern dad that’s both stylish, on the go, and still fit the best way to efficiently get away is in a handmade leather carry on. Our J.L. Rocha Carry on items are perfect for travel by train, plane, or car, and are elegantly crafted for not just durability but also to bring you memories for years to come. Check out these options below.

#2 Something he can pass down to the next generation.


Each Leather Jacket holds generations of family history.

Our handmade jackets are something that the next generation will likely call “vintage”. We love being creative and modern with our style, but also producing something with lasting elegance and classic style. J.L. Rocha the second, Father to Jose Luis Rocha and grandfather to Jose Noel Rocha owned one of the first Yamaha Motorcycles in México and used it to commute to work and take his family on rides to run errands, go to church, or spend time with others. The Motorcycle was eventually traded for a car, and it sat in the family workshop waiting for the day when it would be necessary again. Years later, when we brought J.L. Rocha Collections to the United States, we brought the Motorcycle back to life and used it throughout our first media and on our first website. We’re proud to have a lasting memento of our past, as well as cherishing and using it from time to time. When it comes to our handmade leather jackets, we care about them serving a similar purpose. We’ve worn vintage clothing and we love those who pass down memories, so it is our hope that when you own one of our leather or suede jackets: you pass it down to the next generation when it’s time. This way, our garments continue to serve as a true testament to the individuality of style and history. See these excellent jacket choices below.

#3 A New Luxury Toy


Getting away is half the challenge, appreciation is the other half.

There’s something about us that loves playing, we create marvelous and grandiose ways of celebrating life from skydiving to jet skiing. All great dads have unique stories to tell or memories to make. Some of us go on a boat, some of us take up flying lessons, some of us like motorcycles and some classic cars. All of these different ways of. Enjoying ourselves that bring some form of confidence and enthusiasm into life. We love to work hard on maintenance and also love to maximize our capability to live life to the fullest potential. Whatever it is that you think is important when it comes to play time, we can always find new and items to support your dreams at J.L. Rocha and want to encourage everyone to try new things. Our accessories are easy ways to show dad you want to spend more time together if you put some thought into it. Promise some help with the car and give him a handmade keychain, suggest a hike and get your dad a summer scarf, there are some many choices, you can’t go wrong. See our accessories for some affordable dad appreciation.

We hope you appreciated our picks for gifts for that special man in your life. We wish for great memories and histories for you to pass down through the generations. J.L. Rocha Collections is truly committed to creating handmade garments that bring you years of joy and originality. It should be rare for you to see one of our carry ons that looks like yours at an airport, but should you meet another individual with one of our amazing one of mind products we hope you greet each other with a smile. Each person that owns a peace from one of our collections is one of one-hundred like them, so we hope your family like ours continues to get a little bigger. Thank you.

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