Gentlemen only.

Let's get back to basics, there are not many things in this world that a gentlemen needs. A good watch, a good job -one that you do with dignity, whether you are a Wall Street rat or a grease monkey- good teeth, good manners, and a good pair of shoes.

Let's start with the watch. There are many brands, Swiss made are the best undoubtably and there is nothing more classic than a Rolex. Don't be fooled by the trends, after all you are a gentleman.

Good teeth will show the world that you take care of yourself, that you are worth your time and attention. They say that a woman looks at your teeth, your shoes, and your hair in that order, make the first impression count

Finally there is manners and education. Not the one you got in college, but the one you got from your dad or even your grandfather, the person that made you realize the only thing a man has is his word.

We can't help you with your watch and we are not dentists. But when it comes to shoes, we are the classical, honest choice Find out by yourself. That's what a gentlemen will do, trust me, all I have is my word.