There is nothing in the world as magnificent as made to measure and made to order shoes. One of the signs of success for us men is when we can afford made to measure garments, we pride ourselves of our handmade Egyptian cotton shirts and our 300 count suits.

If you think about it, the most important item in our wardrobe to have custom made should be our shoes! We can always alter our sleeves or our suit length, plus now days there are a variety of fits that are almost certain to please men of all sizes. Our feet ,however, are always different from anyone else's hence and there aren't shoes that will have a perfect fit unless they are made to measure period.


Made to measure items were once thousands of dollars, but thanks to the size of our operation and the knowledge and process of our cobblers we can dramatically reduce the cost of made to measure. On top of the luxury of having your shoes made to your feet specific measurements you are also able to chose a number of styles, materials and colors.


At this time we only have this program at our Coronado CA store, where you will be fitted by our experts. Soon we will start  sharing our knowledge with shoe stores and clothiers around the country. This process is relatively easy, check our video on how to measure your feet


So, there you have it, now there are no more boundaries in order to have the perfect shoe with your own sense of style, all you need is to contact us to make it happen. You are 45 days away from the elusive perfect pair of shoes.