There is no doubt driving shoes are the perfect summer footwear. Not only do they look beautiful,but they are also soft and really versatile, but before we talk about style let’s go back in time and see where do they come from.

 History of driving shoes

Back in 1963 the Italian company Car Shoe was founded and they patented this innovative shoe. This shoe was created out of the necessity for rich and affluent gentlemen that were driving the great Italian and German machines of their time. It became a shoe for the rich, because not everyone could afford leather shoes just for driving.


Driving shoes were made to replace traditional shoes while driving. Wealthy gentlemen did not want to wear the soles of their shoes and, more importantly, big and bulky oxfords were sometimes cumbersome for driving.

The Cars Shoe brand soon became known for its signature moccasin with rubber pebbles. As we said, driving shoes were a luxury item not many could afford. That was until Diego Della Valle, owner of another famous Italian brand Tod's, saw an opportunity to sell these soft, comfortable shoes to the masses.

Instantly these shoes were a huge success. From that point on, driving shoes have become fashionable item available to everyone. Even if you do not own or drive a car you can wear them because they are ideal shoes for hot weather.

Our take on this style has a segmented rubber sole, we respected the signature and basic design rules that driving moccasins should not have a complete or cow hide sole. We used double thinned calfskin for our uppers and durable and colorful rubber for our souls.

Our first collection is simple yet beautiful. Using black as our base color, we added 4 contrasting stitching "flavors" orange, lime, lemon and berry.

We hope you have a colorful and refreshing summer.