Wherever you’re going:

Travel is a part of the journey we call living. Every morning we wake up with somewhere to be and something to do. Preparation and determination fuel our everyday experience and remind us that hard work and relaxation go hand and hand: it’s our motivation that moves us forward. However, as we traverse the solitary adventure of our movements, everyone may need some help. So here are some of our favorite travel companions, brought to you by J.L. Rocha Collections. 


A secure place for all your adventure needs. Our mixed media backpack uses leather fastening straps to keep itself on no matter how challenging the task. Our white canvas contrasts our honey colored leather accents giving you a perfect art piece of unique use throughout the years. The backpack for any adventurer in a class all his own.

The city is a rough terrain, the streets are loud and chaotic and in an instant anything can change. Your destiny should always be in your own hands and redily accessible. Whether you’re on the road to a business meeting, a presentation, a sales pitch or an interview: you’ll need to have everything with you. Don’t find yourself unprepared. The honey calfskin portfolio stands out in any room, and is the perfect size for your laptop, folders, and anything else you may need for the road.

Somewhere out there, you just want to roam. Life has a way of dragging us by the hand and whirling us about. The best days are sometimes the ones where we have nothing to do and anywhere to go. Find yourself hiking through the Forrest, find yourself resting on the beach, or visiting the cafe by your house that you’ve been meaning to try. But wherever you go, you can fit everything you need from a rolled up blanket to books and art supplies in the mixed media bucket bag. An ecclectic mix of the subtlety of suede and the ruggedness of leather. It stays by your side.  

So there you have it, our favorite picks for the traveler in all of us. Get your handcrafted leather bags at joseluisrocha.com and happy travels!  


-J.L Rocha