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The Office Man

What to wear to work: a question most men deal with various times in life. Youth is directed to wear uniforms, hopeful to tech a name tag with a title befitting responsibility and a higher paycheck: “manager.” People age and become more or less distinguished in their fields causing our uniforms to change. If we’re lucky some of us become pro-surfers or movie stars and our outfits pick themselves, but when we become these amazing individuals: CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Creative Officers and sartorial business men, what separates us from those around us?


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Wherever you’re going:

Travel is a part of the journey we call living. Every morning we wake up with somewhere to be and something to do. Preparation and determination fuel our everyday experience and remind us that hard work and relaxation go hand and hand: it’s our motivation that moves us forward. However, as we traverse the solitary adventure of our movements, everyone may need some help. So here are some of our favorite travel companions, brought to you by J.L. Rocha Collections.

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