There’s something to be said about the attributes of mythic heroes. We live to see ourselves in the values others represent. During our shoot with Bart Zandbergen, we asked ourselves why ruggedness was a feature we look for in our products. 

The dictionary definition of rugged provides us with four different attributes for the word.

  • (of ground or terrain) having broken, rocky and uneven surface
  • (of a machine or other manufactured object) strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling.
  • having or requiring toughness and determination.
  • (of a man's face or looks) having attractively strong, rough-hewn features.

Our investigation sheds light into some of the virtues that we take to heart whenever we create a new piece. A rugged terrain is a part of the life we live, the road will always be bumpy and uneven; but the highs and lows of the way we travel this world are never something to be faced alone and without confidence. Whenever someone puts on a J.L. Rocha jacket, we hope you know that we stand with you and want to give you the confidence you need to face anything the world can throw at you. You’re not alone.

Our fabrication process is rugged. The machinery that we use is strong and sturdy, useful to the right pair of hands. Leon, Guanajuato in Mexico is a place where the cobble stone streets and the workshops contain within themselves an essence of resilience. Each artisan that crafts a J.L. Rocha garment takes pride and strength from our history and our craft, making each shoe unique and valuable to those who are determined. 


We do not waver, we are hewn from the soil that birthed us into strength and purity of heart. We are rugged and rough at the edges, draped in kindness yet signifying protection. While looking at the photos from our shoot, we remembered that a rugged man is always a hero because he protects. He counters his tough exterior with an internal greatness that is selfless in nature. For every gentleman who dons a J.L. Rocha jacket, we hope that if you wear a rugged exterior, it reflects your interior chivalry. 

 -J.L. Rocha