Inspirational Dapper Dads

With father day just around the corner. We’re rounding up some of our favorite famous dads and giving you the rundown on the best style to match your dadittude. Check it out: 


Will Smith: The Cool Dad

Photo: GQ. 

Photo: GQ. 

If you’re a dad that loves telling jokes, can get creative around the house, and still knows how to make your kids strive: Will Smith might be your dad inspiration. A casual cool that knows how to say the right things and lay down the law in a relatable and heartwarming way. Stern when needed, cool when around the house. The Cool Dad wears casual outfits with rocking accents like the Luis perforated moto jacket, and the brogue double monk loafers. 

Ryan Reynolds: The Dangerous Dad  


Photo: GQ

Photo: GQ

From Deadpool to Dad: Ryan Reynolds can change things up in an instant. A great model of kindness and sarcasm the Dangerous Dad loves motorcycles, rugged style, and is versatile in many ways. A virtuoso in many trades and always full of surprises, this dad is styled by the Mixed Media Asymmetrical Jacket and the Grasso Chelsea Boot. Two modern takes on classic styles. 


George Clooney: The Classic Dad  


If you have wisdom and advice, are a seasoned dad who’s been through it all: let George Clooney inspire you. A classic man with classic style, capable of keeping his casual wit through any situation. If this is the kind of dad you aim to be or have, the right style move is keeping it sleek and simple like our black oxford lace up and Rufino Moto Jacket. 


So there you have it, the best inspiration for the right dad style. An great way to get ready for Father’s Day and whatever comes next. Don’t forget to use the promo code: DAD50 at to get 50% off of all our products until June 17th. We extend a Happy Fathers Day to all of the wonderful dads out there, (and the single moms)  and hope that every one has a stylish summer with us. 

-J.L. Rocha